The most expensive and cheapest cities in the world to live | home and garden

The most expensive and cheapest cities in the world to live |  home and garden

The travel platform TimeOut discovered it by asking more than 27,000 city dwellers from around the world if they think life in their city is expensive.

Only 10% of Manchester residents said it costs too much to live in the British city. The three cities of Johannesburg, Budapest and Montreal are very expensive with 17% of the local population. 18% of St Petersburg residents think life might be a bit cheaper and 24% of locals think life in Prague.

And where is it so expensive to live, according to the locals themselves? The Swiss city of Zurich is considered expensive by 99% of the population and about 87% of respondents from Tel Aviv think the same for their city. Los Angeles and Paris could be a little cheaper according to 86% of respondents.

These are the ten cheapest places to live, according to the TimeOut Index:

  1. Manchester
  2. Johannesburg
  3. Budapest
  4. Montreal
  5. St Petersburg
  6. Prague
  7. Porto
  8. Rome
  9. Mexico City
  10. Bangkok

These are the ten most expensive cities:

  1. Zurich
  2. Tel Aviv
  3. Angels
  4. Paris
  5. London
  6. Milan
  7. New York
  8. San Francisco
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Boston

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