MAFS expert Remco “Negative Energy” is also dedicated to Mother Paula

MAFS expert Remco "Negative Energy" is also dedicated to Mother Paula

He. She Interrogate Paula’s mother It has been discussed at length. Radboud looks critically at this topic. “At the altar, Remko was clearly not feeling well after being questioned by Paola’s mother. His negative energy also extended to Paola, but since we had a lot of faith in this couple beforehand, you want him to give a different outlook and put a new chance on. They wanted to come close to each other. But that didn’t happen and then I realized that you, as a viewer, are watching with crooked fingers.”

The expert thinks it will also be painful to see Bhola and Remko again. “And I think it’s very unfortunate, you’d rather the participants look at the show with good feeling, even if there’s no love flick between the couples.”

Of course, all this does not justify the fact that Paula’s mother receives threats. Aran Badi spoke to Paula about it:

Radboud laments that “all the romantic success of this season has been overshadowed by the drama”. That drama was mainly about Nicole and ‘ciao ciao’-Martijn and thus Paula Wormko. The matchmaker concluded, “But with four of the seven couples keeping their wedding rings, it’s been a successful season, particularly in a romantic sense.”

Why are only Kathalijn and Laura still together? According to Radboud succeed in Mavs Often they are couples who are “a bit active on social media and who aren’t necessarily interested in TV attention, but in finding a partner”. “Like this season with Cathalijne and Laura, two more thoughtful women with whom I saw love slowly but surely. I really enjoyed them.”

Aran Bade also visits Cathalijne and Laura to ask how things are with the successful couple and asks Rachel and Martin where things went:

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