CS: GO breaks its own record with 1.4 million simultaneous players – Update – Games – News

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive broke its own player record for the most simultaneous players. Last weekend, more than 1.4 million gamers played the game simultaneously on Valve’s gaming platform.

From the figures from SteamDB It shows that recently CS:GO was being played by 1,420,340 players simultaneously. This is a new record for the game, which debuted in 2012. MOBA game DOTA2, also from Valve, took second place last weekend with a max player count of 750,000.

The new record follows rumors that Valve will soon release a CS:GO version based on the Source 2 engine. References to it have recently appeared in Nvidia drivers. According to sources from game journalist Richard Lewis, this upgrade will appear as a beta this month. Activity on Valve’s Counter-Strike blog has also ramped up over the past month, InsiderGaming notes, which could indicate that Valve will release an update soon.

3:50 PM update: The article initially suggested that the number of players of 1.4 million is a new Steam record. This is not true: PUBG previously reached a record high of over 3 million players. The article has been modified accordingly. Thanks Tricolores.

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