Win a HomeWizard package worth €138.95!

Win a HomeWizard package worth €138.95!

Are you looking for options to monitor your energy consumption? Today you have a chance to win an extensive HomeWizard bundle in the Android Planet Advent Calendar making it easy to do so.

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Are you curious about how much electricity you use or exactly what your water use is? Thanks to HomeWizard smart meters, you can easily keep track of this and use the easy-to-use display to quickly check your exact consumption. Another box has been opened Planet robotAdvent Calendar That’s why you have a chance to win an extensive HomeWizard package today.

December 15: You have a chance to win a HomeWizard package

HomeWizard recently introduced the Energy Display, which allows you to quickly check your energy consumption on a clear display. You decide what you want to see and how the digital meters are displayed.

All this information is collected thanks to smart sensors and you will also find two of them in this package to win. This relates to the P1 metric, which gives you an insight into your electricity and gas consumption and returns. Thanks to the smart water meter, you can also instantly check your water consumption and associated costs.

On the screen, you can choose up to three consumption targets and three additional items. For example, you can view your daily costs for gas, electricity, and nutrition, but you can also view how much energy your solar panels generate, or what the exact energy consumption is to charge your electric bike or car. Overall, there is a lot to discover!

We would like to thank HomeWizard for sponsoring the HomeWizard Pack! The recommended retail price for this set is €138.95.

How do I get a chance to win the prize?

From December 1st It seems Every working day News on Android Planet and at the same time opens a box in our calendar! This way you will know what your chance of winning that day is and how you can participate. You will find a link to it in the article Google formr, where we ask you some questions such as your name and email address. Once you register you will participate!

All information at a glance

Want to learn more about Android Planet Awards Month? Then we take a look at one of our own Android Planet Advent Calendar 2023 promotion page. There you will find the calendar, the full list of winners and of course all the frequently asked questions and answers at one glance.

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