Spokesperson reveals Andre Praugher’s cause of death, Tom Eggers had a heart attack

Woordvoerder onthult doodsoorzaak Andre Braugher, Tom Egbers getroffen door hartinfarct

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The official spokesman reveals the cause of death of Andre Prager (61)

Andre Prager passed away unexpectedly last Monday at the age of 61. His spokeswoman, Jennifer Allen, said diverse He confirmed that the actor died of lung cancer. Earlier, it was announced that he died as a result of a “brief illness.” Prager was only recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Do you want to read the full article? Then click here.

Eddie Murphy returns after twenty years as Axel Foley in the new “Beverly Hills Cop” movie

After the release of three Beverly Hills copFilms in 1984, 1987 and 1994, the series finally returned. This comes after the spread of many rumors and the difficulty of the production process. Next year will Netflix Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Bring. Want to read the entire article and see the teaser? Then click here!

Tom Eggers had a heart attack: ‘This situation is an attack on his health’

NOS presenter Tom Egbers, 66, had to deal with heart problems twice last year after his departure as NOS presenter. News Sports. His wife Janke Decker (60 years old) said this in an interview with Telegraph-Excess woman. magazine. Do you want to read the full article? click here.

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