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I always find this very easy to sign up for. Politics, the elite, the powers that be…all that I am not..

The truth is: if you find a way tomorrow that you don’t have to pay taxes, you’ll use it too.. and if grandma is washed only once every six months instead of once every two months, you also refer to everyone except for your own contribution to the state pot. Literally where someone, including you and me, can have an advantage except over another, you can generally say that one will benefit from it. With all kinds of excuses and justifications.

It’s always that game where people think they deserve it all, a website like tweakers where (although I often criticize it hard enough) people just trying to make a living every day people who can’t do it like everyone else but ignore the model Revenue by blocking ads or opting out.

A large part of the world works in such a way that people only get out of bed when it pays off, so investors also want to continue to see money.. To a large extent I’m not a fan of that either, and to an even greater degree I see that I’m really making money in a group of like minded people sharing information one sided..

But once we drop the level to Hullie trying to rule the world and hedgehogs eating baby corpses, I don’t think there’s any reasonable discussion to have anymore..and as a reader you have to go back to those established media…..because despite all its faults, it always tries to provide independent, reliable news… about a few nefarious conspiracy parties to (like Foxnews, and to a large extent too)

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