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Razer will show a Pro version of the Zephyr face mask during CES. This version again has RGB LEDs and N95 filters, but it also gets audio amplification. Razer lists a suggested retail price of $150, which is $50 more than the regular Zephyr price.

i mentioned razer The Zephyr Pro differentiates itself from the regular Zephyr with its amplification of sound. There are two headphone ends on the underside of the mouthpiece.Networks to find. The Zephyr Pro also has a button with which the sound amplification can be turned on and off. Scanner Reports to The Verge It amplifies the user’s voice up to 60 decibels at a distance of one meter.

Outside of that, the Pro variant is broadly the same as the regular Zephyr. The mouthpiece will again receive two N95 filters that last up to three days and should be able to filter 95 percent of particles from the air. Zephyr Pro also gets active ventilation and an automatic UV light sterilization function. The weight of the Pro version is the same, as is the battery capacity. Razer told The Verge that the company has lightened the networks for the speakers to make this happen.

The Zephyr Pro will be available alongside the current Zephyr. This mask was shown during CES in 2021 and was later known as Project Hazel concept product. In August, the company began beta testing of its first mask and it was released in the fourth quarter Officially available for $100. In Europe, the Zephyr is sold for 110 euros; The euro price for the Pro version is not yet known.

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