Omroep Flevoland – News – Eetcafé De Herberg closed after 31 years

Omroep Flevoland - News - Eetcafé De Herberg closed after 31 years

After 31 years, Café De Herberg in the Almere Stad has closed its doors. According to owner Theo Roh, 80, his rental debt has increased to the point where he has no other choice. The settlement of the case is now in full swing.

For years, De Herberg has been a household name in Almera. According to Rohi, regular customers are shocked by the news. “I had 8000 reactions on Facebook, but people came to the door here too. The hostel was their favorite pub, their second home. Also for the staff. It was a home for them where they could also earn money. They lost it all at once.”

Roh says he made an agreement with the landlord over the rental debt. “This was a good time for me to stop.” The manager had been planning to put an end to it for some time, but that was difficult due to the Corona crisis. “It is becoming increasingly difficult to sell the company,” he says. “No one dares to set up a catering company in these times. We are an evening company and at one point we had to rely on Thuisbezorgd. It wasn’t enough.”

better times
In good times, the place was packed with 100-150 people. “It was a regular group always coming in here. Different from what you normally see in a pub. Young men with long hair, really a little alternative,” says Roh, who thought it was a great group of people. I’ve never had a guard at the door. It wasn’t necessary If something goes wrong, there were a few guys that intrusions and then it’s over.”

Theo Roh is now 80 years old and thinks it’s time to retire. “It was nice, I’m going to rest.” He looks back at 31 years full of ups and downs. “It was very hard work, but I did it with great pleasure. I always believed that things would be OK, but it never turned out like before. I can blame Corona, but it is what it is. I have to live with that “.

This letter is the result of a collaboration between Omroep Flevoland and 1 Almere.

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