The oldest American WWII player and senior American resident (112) has died

The oldest American WWII player and senior American resident (112) has died

Lawrence N., a veteran American soldier who fought in World War II. Brooks died at the age of 112. He is also known to be the oldest person living in the United States.

Brooks, an African-American, was born in 1909 in Louisiana to a family of fifteen children. He joined the Army in 1940 and was sent to Australia, New Guinea and the Philippines during World War II.

When asked what the secret of his long life was, Brooks said he always served God and always tried to show mercy to people. He is known for spending much time sitting on the porch with his daughter in New Orleans, where locals welcomed him and served him food and drinks.


Brooks has never fought before. He was part of the construction of bridges, roads and runways. He worked mainly as a cook and driver for white officers.

“I’m lucky,” Brooks said of his role in the military. I said to myself, “If I have to shoot someone, someone will shoot me and they can get lucky and hit me.”


Hurricane Katrina

After serving in the Army, he worked as a forklift driver in New Orleans until his retirement. He lost his wife after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a disaster that devastated his home at the time. “He went through a lot, he was a strong man,” his daughter told the AP news agency.

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