Live Blog | Communication problems in Ukraine due to Starlink

Live Blog |  Communication problems in Ukraine due to Starlink
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This is the 255th day of the war in Ukraine. Follow the latest news about the war in Ukraine and its aftermath in this live blog.

Dilapidated school building.
Dilapidated school building. (ANP / AFP)

Iran approves supply of drones to Russia

12:00 | For the first time, the Iranian government has admitted to supplying military drones to Russia. Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdullahian said on Saturday that this happened several months before Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

Russia uses drones to strike targets in Ukraine Most of those attacks target the country’s (energy) infrastructure. Ukraine and its Western allies have long accused Iran of supplying those drones, which Tehran has so far denied.

Amir-Abdullahian said only a “small number” of drones were involved and that no deliveries had taken place since the start of the war. He also denied that Iran had helped Russia with missiles, which Iran has also been blamed for.

Russia denies using Iranian drones in Ukraine However, Ukraine’s military said last week that it had shot down more than 300 drones from Iran since mid-September.

Last month, the European Union decided to impose sanctions on Iran over the supply of drones to Russia.

Starlink Internet outages in Ukraine cause communication problems

00:35 | Ukrainian troops have experienced communication problems in recent days due to an outage in billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service, sources told news channel CNN. SpaceX’s lack of funding for the Starlink link could be due. The space agency is in talks with the U.S. Department of Defense over who will pay for the connection in Ukraine, sources told CNN.

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According to CNN, about 1,300 Starlink terminals were reportedly offline last week. With the help of a total of about 25,000 terminals, Ukraine can continue to communicate via satellite link if mobile phone networks and Internet connections are lost as a result of the war. Ukraine’s allies, including the US, Poland and the UK, pay for the maintenance of 11,000 Starlink terminals.

The question now is who will continue to pay for the 14,000 other Starlink terminals. Monthly maintenance costs per unit can be as high as 4500 dollars (over 4500 euros). A Pentagon source tells CNN that negotiations are underway with SpaceX to finance the merger in Ukraine. The latest outages were described as a “significant problem” for the Ukrainian armed forces. Terminals are said to be disconnected due to lack of cash.

In September, SpaceX warned the US Department of Defense that it had already spent $100 million (more than $100 million) on the link in Ukraine, and that the company could not keep it indefinitely. SpaceX asked the Pentagon to pick up some of the funding.

US: Russia and China Fail to Meet UN Commitments on North Korea

November 4 – 22:21 | UN The United States on Friday accused Russia and China of shielding North Korea from further action by the Security Council. According to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the UN ambassador to the US, countries are going to “excessive lengths” to justify Pyongyang’s ballistic missile tests.

“You have no right to dereliction of your Security Council duties because you think North Korea might sell you weapons to finance your war of aggression in Ukraine or that country would be a good regional buffer zone,” he said. Greenfield. The UN envoy did not name Russia and China.

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The United States, including the United Kingdom and France, had called a Security Council meeting on Friday to discuss the situation surrounding North Korea. North Korea has been launching missiles continuously for the past few months. There were even 23 on Wednesday, the largest number since Kim Jong-un came to power.

These missile tests have resulted in sanctions by the international community. However, China and Russia support the easing of sanctions, which they say will pressure Pyongyang to enter into negotiations.

Fighting group Wagner opens first headquarters in Ukraine

November 4 – 7:55 PM | Russian paramilitary organization Wagner has opened its first official headquarters in St. Petersburg. The private army, which has been secretive in the background for years, now openly admits to fighting in Ukraine.

The opening was recently announced on social media by Wagner owner Yevgeny Prigozhin. Wagner has also stationed mercenaries in Latin America and countries in Africa and Syria.

The new Wagner plant should “provide a comfortable environment for developing new ideas to improve Russia’s defense capabilities,” Prigozhin said in a statement. Last month, Prigozhin ended years of rumors when he admitted to founding the group.

The Wagner Group has long been suspected of playing a role in realizing Moscow’s foreign ambitions, although the Kremlin denies any ties. The force and its leader are playing an increasingly important role in the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

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