“The Sicilian Mafia is in trouble after being identified on Google Street View” | abroad

"The Sicilian Mafia is in trouble after being identified on Google Street View" |  abroad

Gioacchino Gammino, 61, was a member of the Sicilian mafia group Stidda and was one of Italy’s most wanted gangsters. Gamino escaped from a prison in Rome in 2002 where he was serving a life sentence for murder.

Image from Google Street View showing a man resembling Gammino who was the key to tracking down the fugitive. This is what investigators said Wednesday in the newspaper La Repubblica. Sicilian police already suspected Gammino was in Spain, but a photo on Google Maps showing him talking to a man in front of a grocery store, prompted the police to launch an intense investigation.

Through further investigations by Italian investigators, another picture of Gammino was discovered on the Internet. Gammino was seen dressed as a chef on the Facebook page of a restaurant near the grocery store. The gangster was clearly identified by the scar on his chin. The restaurant had Sicilian dishes on the menu.


Now that his whereabouts are known, Gammino could be arrested on December 17th. On Wednesday, La Repubblica reported the news of the private investigation.

According to La Repubblica, Gammino was very surprised that he was tracked. After his arrest, he is said to have told the police, “How did you find me? I haven’t called my family in 10 years.”

Gamino is being held in Spain and police hope to return him to Italy by the end of February. Nicola Altiero, deputy director of the Italian anti-mafia police unit, told Reuters news agency.

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