The “joke” by Thijs Römer does not correspond to RTL President Peter van der Vorst

Een ‘grapje’ van Thijs Römer valt niet in goede aarde bij RTL-baas Peter van der Vorst


Even before he deleted the tweet, Peter van der Forest had already caught the “joke”. The head of RTL was furious and sent an application to Thijs. “He was really shocked by what I said on Twitter and that it was outrageous. And that’s not just RTL Boulevard, but every RTL didn’t appreciate it,” says the actor. “You’re not there when people say, ‘Don’t do Thijs Römer, I think this is such a l*l horse.'” ‘But if I had to call RTL management every time I got some kind of bruise from the RTL Boulevard report which I find shameful that I’m talking about it that way, I’d do half a day’s work, do you understand?’ Theis said.

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gossip program

The tweet did not make Thijs very popular, but despite this, the actor does not regret his tweet. “I’ll be honest: I don’t regret it. My message wasn’t whether or not killing Peter R. de Vries was a bad thing, but we shouldn’t overestimate the value of a gossip show like RTL Boulevard in our community.

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source: a story | Photo: ANP

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