The British royal family has been shocked by allegations in a new abuse scandal

The British royal family has been shocked by allegations in a new abuse scandal

Mountbatten has been dead for 43 years and can therefore no longer defend himself, but this does not diminish the severity of the shocking accusations against the British royal family.

Uncle Dicky

King Charles in particular will be deeply affected by the allegations of Smith, who after 45 years will go to trial and will soon be heard by the High Court in Belfast. After all, Lord Mountbatten was a key figure in young Charles’ life. Known as “Uncle Dickie” by Charles and the family, Mountbatten was the brother of Alice of Battenberg, mother of Prince Philip. After Philip’s parents separated, Louis took over part of Philip’s upbringing. Officially, Louis was Charles’s great-uncle, but he was sometimes more of a father figure to the young crown prince than his stern father, Philip.

tucked away for years

Uncle Dickie had a great deal of influence on the sensitive Charles and would have been the one who strongly advised the Prince against marrying Camilla in the 1970s – she was a woman of sexual experience and Mountbatten did not think that was appropriate for a future princess. Wells. Lord Louis Mountbatten was killed in an IRA attack in 1979, leaving a fractured royal family behind. The attack has been in the news for days. It wasn’t until then, two years after the alleged abuse, that 13-year-old Arthur Smith realized who he was from all the publicity. “Never forget your abuser,” says Smith now. ‘Believe me. You suppress it, but you don’t forget it. I stomped it away for years. I was ashamed of what happened, but now I want peace. Smith’s attorney added that his client thought very, very carefully before taking this step. “He is well aware that this will make him deeply unpopular with many people, especially since the allegations come so soon after the death of Queen Elizabeth. However, lawsuits dealing with mental, physical and sexual abuse are never intended to deliberately override sensibilities.

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