It looks like the unannounced DJI Mini 3 drone is already in stores – photo and sound – news

I still own a Mavic Mini (with combo) which was a good price at the time it was introduced, and after that everything got a lot more expensive. I follow the caliphs, for me it is not clear that the caliph replaces the old ones, they are still the best spreads.
I’ve modified my Mini-1 with some useful tailsail accessories and had good experiences with them.
Reinforcement brackets As for the arms, they have become more rigid and less affected by wind vibrations, and you also receive less warnings of very strong winds (may be sold)
Brackets for the legs (it also contributes to the stiffening), which are two arches, one for the left side, connecting the front right side with the right back and the same on the left, and so a little higher because of the thick grass (outside there are no narrow meadows everywhere).
lens capLess annoying than streaks of light when you fly in the sun.
So no longer 249g… Then I took the A1/A3 via Luxembourg (free), to process (the check that never happened).
I use the Mavic Mini for my trips in Croatia, I also use tube helmet action cams, everything can be seen on my youtube channelto.

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