March 31, 2023

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The Netherlands has the second most expensive gasoline in the world |  Instagram

The Netherlands has the second most expensive gasoline in the world | Instagram

Gasoline has never been so high in price as it was in 2021, and motorists see with some envy how people in neighboring countries are often much cheaper. Globally, prices are higher only in Hong Kong.

This year for the first time we lost more than 2 euros per liter of gasoline (given the recommended national average price). Thus an important threshold value was exceeded, which dismayed many motorists. There is no improvement in sight at the moment. Although oil prices are dropping again, this has a slight impact on the higher price. In the Netherlands, the price of gasoline consists of a fair portion of the excise tax, to be exact 0.82 euros per liter plus a value-added tax of another 21 percent.

The Netherlands is in a bad situation “if we look at the world petrol prices. They are updated weekly on the site The Netherlands is in second place. Only in Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China outside the Communist administration, would you lose more than a liter of gasoline. It also equals much more, i.e. more than 0.30 € per extra liter. So the Netherlands won’t take first place soon. By the way, prices in the rest of China are at least half lower than in Hong Kong.

After the Netherlands, gasoline is the most expensive in Israel, the Central African Republic, Finland and Iceland. However, it must be said that in the Central African Republic, in terms of income, people are likely to get the most out of it at the pump. The cheapest is in Venezuela, where the price of a liter of gasoline is about 0.022 euros. An important caveat is that Venezuela is also a poor country. After Venezuela, Iran, Angola, Syria and Algeria are the cheapest countries to fill a liter of gasoline.

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