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I think it also varies from person to person.

Per person, per process, per stage, per project, per product, per company (culture), per period, per country, per culture.

It is absurd and frank to claim that is being It works better at home than in the office. It’s good to read the conclusions from a personal situation, but to use something like this regarding Square Enix and FF16??
Fortunately we have the best @HKLM_ It manages to break down all the possible factors that could influence even -> operations in order….. In addition to the fact that this statement is as meaningless as wet turd, it is also possible that it does not make sense. (Fortunately, there is always a missing tweaker that gives +3 |  :()

If you wear neutral glasses, leave your personal (often irrelevant) situation and see what this is all about. Context: Game Industry 2020/2021 + Final Fantasy franchise. Then I don’t think you can claim that Corona has no effect. If even copy/paste privileges are delayed or have problems, what are they supposed to do with Final Fantasy. I really think the success of 14 and of the famous story will help a lot for 16. Because this is clearly a franchise that has been looking for its new place in the gaming industry for a very long time. 15 is probably his style icon. With 7 Remake they’ve come a long way, but it hasn’t become the instant gold of the past. And 16 will be an absurdly important title for future franchises.

Yes, of course it could all be bullshit what Square sells and they were just scamming. It may also be that 16 are back in development hell and that they are using Corona as an excuse. It is also possible that 16 is in development hell because of Corona. It is also possible that the number 16 is behind schedule due to Corona. It could also be that the 16 started pretty fast in the beginning and they may have quickly concluded that they can show more in 2021… and so you can think of some other scenarios.

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