The Corpse Wants $75,000 to Buy Parts of the Car in which Actor Paul Walker Died car

The Corpse Wants $75,000 to Buy Parts of the Car in which Actor Paul Walker Died  car

Parts of the car in which actor Paul Walker from the movie series is featured are for sale on the US equivalent of Marktplaats fast and angry has crashed.

Paul Walker was killed in Valencia, California, on November 30, 2013, when he and a friend went to drive a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The car caught fire and the passengers were unable to get out of the car on their own. Leaves.

“I personally found it”

Title advertisement It reads: “Paul Walker dead headlight and auto parts $75,000.” The seller states in the ad that he collected the items himself at the crash site. All of these items were personally found at the crash site the night the accident occurred. American Car sites I assume this is not a terrible joke.

The police removed the yellow tape.

In his ad, the seller mentions that you can buy the headlight of a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT for €75,000, ‘including a piece of the door and some loose parts, including a molten rod from the burnt car, filled with asphalt and carbon fiber from the car’. He adds: ‘ I took all the things after the police removed the yellow tape and allowed the public to enter the area.”

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Part of the Porsche headlight that Paul Walker crashed into. © Craigs List

Targa roof sections were also stolen

This isn’t the first time someone has taken items from the disaster car the actor crashed in. Right after the accident Someone stole the targa roof parts from a Porsche Carrera GT When he saw a Porsche on a trailer. The man was later sentenced to prison. On social media, the person who placed the ad is called a “body snatcher”. His work has been compared to collecting and selling Nazi memorabilia.

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She sued Porsche

Walker’s friend’s wife tried unsuccessfully to sue Porsche at the time because the Carrera GT was an unsafe car. More successful was Paul Walker’s daughter. Porsche settled with her after claiming that the seat belt the actor was wearing pulled his body with force hundreds of kilos, breaking his ribs and pelvis, among other things. Porsche will also be aware of the Carrera GT’s stability problems.

It crashes at a speed of 125-170 km / h

The case was settled quietly and no settlement details were disclosed. Apparently, Paul Walker’s father also reached an unknown settlement with the manufacturer. Police investigations after the accident revealed that the Porsche had crashed at speeds of 125 and 150 kilometers per hour, while the top speed at the site was 70. Soot found in Walker’s trachea would have shown that he had been burned alive.

Sought after classic

The Porsche Carrera GT is a 612-horsepower, ten-cylinder sports car that was introduced to the market in 2003. The Bolt accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 330 km/h. The car is not equipped with ESP, so you can easily lose control of the car when cornering. The new price at that time was 646,645 euros. The Carrera GT, built in a run of 1,270 copies, is now a coveted classic. Prices are now just over a million euros.

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