Kabul female employees ‘should stay at home unless the work a man cannot do’

Kabul female employees 'should stay at home unless the work a man cannot do'

British broadcaster, BBC The mayor of the city, Hamdallah Noaman, was quoted as sayingShe said the Taliban “see it necessary for women not to work for a while”. Only if men cannot do their work, for example because they are cleaning toilets where men are not allowed, can women continue to work.

a thousand women

After the Taliban seized power last month, women have already been urged to stay at home until the security situation in Afghanistan improves. Of the 3,000 civilian employees employed by the local Afghan government, about a third are women.

When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in the 1990s, women were also not allowed to work. In addition, girls were not allowed to go to school at that time. Girls are now allowed to enroll in primary education, but only boys are allowed to enroll in secondary school.

Women’s rights

After the new takeover, the Taliban said that women’s rights would be preserved, but under certain conditions commensurate with Islam. Islamic law is applied in the country. The Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs was closed yesterday and replaced with a new ministry to “spread virtue”.

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