EU restricts US tourist arrivals due to Corona domestic

EU restricts US tourist arrivals due to Corona domestic

In June, an agreement was reached with the Americans to allow tourists to return to Europe. The United States promised to ease the rules for Europeans, but to no avail. Now that the tourism peak is over, the EU countries are tightening their grip on power again due to the European situation.

Also, non-essential travel from Israel, Lebanon, Montenegro, northern Macedonia and Kosovo will no longer be allowed. Member States may withdraw from the Agreement. For example, member states may welcome U.S. tourists if they can prove that they are fully vaccinated. It’s the opposite of the sore foot in the travel world: they want vaccinated Americans to be welcomed everywhere.

Barin, the Dutch air umbrella organization, responded with dissatisfaction with the EU decision, which was not opposed by any member state.

“Politics is not responding enough, the traveler is falling victim again. Because each European country can set its own rules, it will create another envelope. Again and again we insist on European unity, and again the EU ignores it,” says Foreman Marnix Freudema, who was vaccinated. It should have been too early with the US government to pick up bilateral agreements that would welcome travelers everywhere.

KLM will not respond until it is officially clear what the Netherlands will do. The airline has been cautiously rebuilding its network in recent months after the borders were partially reopened to US passengers. On Sunday, KLM spokesman De Telegraph said the new travel restrictions would be a major step for KLM, which had several U.S. customers before Corona.

Delta variant

The delta variant of the virus is spreading in the United States and the actively launched vaccination campaign has stopped. The number of corona patients who died in August has risen to more than 24,000 since March.

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