Wopke Hoekstra’s casual outfit choice has caused fun on Twitter

Wopke Hoekstra's casual outfit choice has caused fun on Twitter

The formation talks that will take place this weekend at the Zwaluwenberg estate near Hilversum are having a lot of fun on social media. It is not the content that is the subject of discussion, but the choice of clothes of the party leaders present. Particularly distinguished was the blue Superdry jersey that CDA leader Wobpke Hoekstra wore yesterday.

The three party leaders Wopke Hoekstra, Sigrid Kaag and Mark Rutte can be seen in the ANP photo which is the inspiration for all the jokes. All three look less luxurious than when they were serving as ministers.

Wopke Hoekstra shirt. from Superdry

Twitter users criticized the politicians in attendance’s choice of casual wear. The Hoekstra T-shirt is not particularly popular. Twitter users make a lot of jokes about his choice of clothes. They think it looks like Hoekstra is away for the weekend with his parents. “Papa Mark, Mama Sigrid and son Woopeck, enjoyed a weekend away at CenterParcs. Go to the woodpile stream then eat bacon pancakes,” one wrote on Twitter.

“Nice weekend away with my mum. Living at home in middle age is cheap and practical and it actually works well under the circumstances. Especially since Wopke takes less time in the bathroom because that was so annoying,” another jokes.

Another person noted that Hoekstra often wears a Superdry shirt. Luxurious Quartets?

The puzzle of formation continues at Hilversum

Looking for this weekend Talks between the leaders of the three parties place in Hilversum. They are there at the invitation of Detective Johan Remix in the hope that big strides will finally be made in formation. Because this formation puzzle didn’t get any easier this past week now that Sigrid Kag and Ank Bielefeld have resigned as interim ministers.

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Wopke Hoekstra’s casual outfit choice has caused fun on Twitter

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