Watching Rob Kemps’ numbers collapse and Chantal Janzen Queen on Saturday night | to watch

Watching Rob Kemps' numbers collapse and Chantal Janzen Queen on Saturday night |  to watch

Rob Kemps got into a festive mood last week, after debuting as a presenter Wheel He immediately defeated his teacher Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, a week later secondary music was played. Showing the game on SBS 6 drops from 714,000 viewers to 497,000 interested and ends up at the 14th spot on Stichting KijkOnderzoek’s watch numbers list. Big setback after a good start.

Kemps received a lot of criticism after the first episode. Especially since his way of screaming was not appreciated by everyone and in Veronica is inside Rene van der Jeep made a skit in which he imitates a brabandar while screaming.

Television columnist Angela de Jong was also critical. I talked aboutHearing impairmentHe wrote of the show, “Actually everything was too much on this show: his screams, the set, the C-star content, the length (an hour and a half!). A rare exception is the question-and-answer pace. It was so slow that as a viewer I automatically started longing for periods. Commercial break of at least 10 minutes.” Critics are now also reflected in the viewership numbers, because more than 200,000 viewers have opted out of the show.

Chantal Janzen see characters watch What a year! Sit in the elevator. Her music show on RTL 4 increased from 818,000 fans to 976,000 viewers. This makes it the biggest winner in prime time. It is remarkable that, with the exception of Achtuurjournaal, no software is able to break the million mark. Remains on NPO 1 Chips Fairly stable with 721,000 sights.

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