The US and UK will work closely together to balance China and Russia

The US and UK will work closely together to balance China and Russia

They agreed to an “Atlantic Declaration”, according to Sunak “a plan of action for the future of our cooperation”. The countries want to cooperate more closely in the field of technology, including AI, energy and innovation. He promises that the announcement will lead to a stronger economy and new jobs.

Among other things, countries want to work together to improve supply chains for critical minerals. The latter is essential, for example, in the production of batteries in electric vehicles. As a result, British car manufacturers will soon have to qualify for US subsidies for electric cars. As a result, Americans can buy cars from brands like Jaguar and Land Rover with a $3,750 tax credit, which is equivalent to nearly 3,500 euros.

The countries also want to cooperate in the field of defense related to artificial intelligence (AI). Biden says the risks must be addressed. “I don’t think there’s ever been a technological change as potentially fundamental as artificial intelligence in human history. It’s mind-boggling,” the US president said during a press conference after talks with Sunak.

The countries also want to jointly accelerate the development of advanced weapons such as hypersonic missiles. Biden wants to ask the US Congress to call the United Kingdom a domestic source under the Defense Production Act. Through this law, the United States could, among other things, force companies to prioritize the production of certain goods. Biden has previously made such a request to Australia.

The US and the UK have “always pushed the boundaries of what the two countries can achieve together,” Sunak said in a statement. “So it makes sense that in the face of the biggest changes since the Industrial Revolution, we look to each other to build a strong economic future.” The leaders also announced in advance that topics such as the war in Ukraine and peace in Northern Ireland would be discussed.

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