Apple macOS Sonoma Preview – Tweakers

Apple macOS Sonoma Preview - Tweakers

On June 5th, it’s time for Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference. The most exciting announcement was the company’s new VR glasses: the Vision Pro. In addition to new devices, Apple has traditionally announced updates to its operating systems. The two biggest of these are of course iOS and macOS, and if you’re interested in getting your first look at the new operating system for iPhones, you can find it here. In this preview, I’m taking a look at Sonoma, codenamed macOS 14, the successor to macOS 13 “Ventura.” The new version of the operating system is still in beta, but it will be available to everyone this fall.

everyone? No. Like every year, some Macs fall off the list of supported systems. The systems listed below will receive the update to Sonoma and the limit appears to be on systems with an 8th generation Intel processor. The fact that these systems will receive the update to Sonoma does not mean that they will also have all the functionality of the new macOS version. This article reviews the main new features, including whether or not they work on Intel hardware.

System The oldest generation of CPUs
iMac 2019 and later Intel Core 8000/9000
iMac Pro 2017 and later Intel Xeon W2000
MacBook Air 2018 and later Intel Core 8000
MacBook Pro 2018 and later Intel Core 8000
Mac Pro 2019 and later Intel Xeon W3000
Mac Studio 2022 and later Apple M1
Mac mini 2018 and later Intel Core 8000

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