PC Game Pass subscribers will soon be able to play select games through GeForce NOW – Gaming – News

It works well enough over a wired connection to play 4K at 60fps. I don’t see artificial cats but I also have a bad eye for this kind of detail.

Wired it sometimes hiccups eg 400ms per 5 minutes and sometimes you get a warning that your connection is bad. You rarely get kicked out of a game for losing your connection, but this is always my router because the internet no longer works.

It’s a drama over WiFi 2.4GHz.

The biggest drawback is that there are relatively few games available. Ubisoft and Square Enix are well represented, as are EA and THQ Nordic, but there is no Hogwarts Legacy. Not the SE’s own FF14, almost only its Western offering.

In the Netherlands you have the most expensive subscription on the 4080 (contrary to what Tweakers say, availability depends on your location) and that’s a very good thing. Cyberpunk not only plays very smoothly, but also loads very quickly.

But first check if the games you want are available. No real line to draw, EA Star Wars Fallen Order, for example, but not the sequel. GoG has its own games, some have it, some don’t, Gollum for example is playable via Steam but not GoG.

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