June 2, 2023

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Linda's Wintermaand

Talk show Linda de Mol has never looked this bad: Another Low Point

Linda de Mol wakes up with a hangover, but not from her Christmas drink. The TV queen had the worst-watched episode of her talk show ever.

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It’s no secret that Linda de Mol is obsessed with character viewing. So you’ll sadly see how badly dozens of her annual talk show has gone wrong. Linda’s Winter Month (formerly Linda’s Summer Week) was not viewed so badly this year.

meager reviews

The opening episode with André van Duin and Nikkie de Jager was the second lowest-watched episode ever with 811 thousand viewers. TV critics like Angela de Young shocked From that meager score, but the SBS camp didn’t know how fast they were religion To Max Verstappen. He stood for fifteen minutes (!) in front of Linda’s talk show.

A week later, Linda went up with Jelka van Houten and Guus Meeuwis (955 thousand), but the third episode with Peter Pannekoek and Anita Witzier recorded 641 thousand viewers. And yesterday, on Boxing Day, the last episode with Andre Rio and Brett Decker attracted even fewer viewers: 605 thousand (14% of the market share).

Linda vs Linda

The management of SBS 6 knows exactly where and when they are programming Linda, so it seems that they expected Linda to compete against the competition and Christmas dinner. Nothing could be further from the truth: Never in history has the Linda talk show, formerly Linda Summer Week, been seen so badly.

By the way, Linda competed with herself for a few minutes yesterday: only when Linda’s winter month began, she could be seen with an interview on Matthijs van Nieuwkerk Top 2000 a gogo on NPO 3. Many people also saw the following: 604 thousand (15%) .

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The maestro wins

The prime-time winner of Boxing Day was Frits Sissing show Maestro with 1.3 million viewers (29%). Immediately after that, Een Huis Full Kerst attracted 842 thousand viewers (21%). Silver went to RTL 4 with a viewership of 637,000, or 14%. Only then follows Linda’s winter month.

NPO 3 takes 4th place: The Most Dangerous Roads in the World, Wire Steel and Freddie Mercury: Final Law attracted 301 thousand (7%), 351 thousand (8%) and 479 thousand viewers (14%). After Linda’s winter month, Jan Verstige Klein Mar Finn’s show attracted 343 thousand viewers (9%).

Shownieuws (374 thousand and 14%) did not take the top 15 places.

Watch the numbers

Viewing numbers for Sunday, December 26, 2021 (Shoes):

Top 15

Market Shares (18-24h, 6+)

01. 20:00 News (NPO1) 1,563,000 01. NPO1 / 20.9%
02. Teacher (NPO1) 1,256,000 02. RTL4 / 12.9%
03. Skiing Oct 5KM H (NPO1) 924.000 03. SBS6 / 10.4%
04. A House Full of Christmas (NPO1) 842.000 04. NPO3 / 10.1%
05. Half of the past seven news (RTL4) 755000 05. NET5 / 6.8%
06. Snowboarding OCT 1000M D (NPO1) 703000 06. NPO3 / 5.1%
07. Beat the Champion (RTL4) 637.000 07. Ferro / 4.7%
08. Linda Winterman (SBS6) 605,000 08. RTL8 / 3.3%
09. Top 2000 Gogo (NPO3) 604,000 09. RTL7 / 2.6%
10. Peter Dirks for what it’s worth (NPO1) 577000 10. RTL5 / 2.5%
11. Heart of the Netherlands (SBS6) 566000 11. Zygo/1.4%
12. RTL Boulevard (RTL4) 523000 12. BBC/1.0%
13. Other Sports Times (NPO1) 507,000 13. RTLZ / 0.9%
14. Buitenhof (NPO1) 498.000 14. Geoge / 0.8%
15. Floortje until the end of the world (NPO1) 497.000 15. SBS9/ 0.7%

Market shares per channel group (18-24h, 6+)

More numbers to watch at:

01- Public broadcasting 36.1%
02. Mole TV 22.6%
03. RTL Netherlands 22.2%