Is there finally clarity about losing physical money in Wei Ho Di Mall?

Is there finally clarity about losing physical money in Wei Ho Di Mall?

from several seasons Who is a mole? Knows that the role of cashier is important. It manages the money and hence it is a perfect job for the mall. He can sabotage things and secretly hide some paintings. There are also occasional hints about a mole in those banknotes.

None of that is in Season 23, because physical money is such a big loss. The generous sum of 8,050 euros remains hypothetical for now. Viewers have been breaking their heads about it for three weeks now, and it was also mentioned in the final episode by nominee (and still likely mole) Juri Geluk: “Still no physical money. No idea where that is, still pending.” Up in the air.” It looks like next week it will finally clear up about the missing physical funds.

In the preview, you can see that the candidates and Moll are waiting for a money order, those plates are in clear bags. “Now you have to choose. Whom do you entrust with a large bag?” I heard Lieutenant Colonel Rick Van de Westlaken directing them.

Some viewers are not surprised that there is still no physical money and therefore no cashier. This is also the case in the Belgian version that viewers are familiar with. But some see this as the final hint of a mole. And for tech journalist Daniel Verlan, who naturally considers cryptocurrencies a cake cut. In the next episode, it should become clear whether the money will remain virtual, or whether the trusty old mole bonds will end up in the hands of the cashier.

Who is a mole? It can be seen on Saturdays at 8.30pm on AVROTROS on NPO 1.

Rik van de Westlaken previously told RTL Boulevard that the car makers have made big changes this season in South Africa:

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