Markets, lifeless, and attack charm Just Eat, lost $20 billion in two days

Omikron-angst ebt weg, Wall Street op all-time high, maar energiemarkt blijft precair

The financial markets seem to be having some trouble on the first day after Christmas. There is hardly any meaningful news, but perhaps some window decorating tools will still be able to encourage investors to act.

Charme offensief just eat takeaway

Leading man Jitse Groen of Just Eat Takeaway gave a major interview to FD in which he discussed criticism among other things. Investors are still mainly grumbling about the Grubhub acquisition, but Groen sees no reason to back down from the acquisition.

In itself He made a valid point: his battle for market leadership was criticized in Germany, and later also in the UK. fast forward: JET has now established a strong market position in these countries.

We’re curious if the PR round will change investor sentiment. Probably not, this requires (mainly) better numbers, which in turn requires patience.

Market Indicators:

* In Asia, most exchanges lose something
* Ten-year yield in the US is about 1.5%
*VIX also eases when rounded at 18
* The price of oil loses something
*Gold is stable at around $1,810
* The euro at 1.13 against the dollar
* Bitcoin is almost unchanged at $50.9K
* European markets are expected to open flat to a slight decrease

Lots of criticism from analysts but…

Bronn: ABM

Return on investment office 2021

We checked it out for you, but the average tip yield from the Investors Bureau in 2021 was 36.11%.

This is partly due to some key outliers such as:

  • Albemarle (+ 178%)
  • Signature (+165%)
  • Alphabet (+138%)
  • Nvidia (+138%)

Floppers were certainly present with, among other things:

  • European Commercial Real Estate (-/- 43%)
  • Tom Tom (-/- 31%)
  • Galapagos (-/- 60%)

You can find the full list of the investor desk in IEX Premium.

News, short tips and agenda

The top ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam shutdown on Friday:

07:04 European shares are expected to open lower
07:32 Japanese retailers sell more
07; 58 Chinese regulator tightens control over foreign lists
Dec 26 The global economy will be worth over $100 trillion for the first time in 2022
December 26, JPMorgan cuts stake in Basic Fit
December 26 Most Valuable Goldman Stock Recommendations


short positions

AFM reports the following shorts:

Source: shortsell

Agenda 27 Dec

00:00 Hong Kong Stock Exchange is closed
00:00 British stock market close
15:00 US State / Schiller Home Prices – October

then this

Intel made it possible to run it a bit:

Things in China are not over yet:

The American consumer feels sleepy:

Investment lost money? It can always be worse:

Have a nice day (trading)!

Martin Krum is a senior investment analyst at The information in this column is not intended as professional investment advice or as a recommendation to make certain investments. Crum can take positions in the financial markets.

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