Maxime Meyland competes for the dream villa with 2.2 million euros Displays

Maxime Meyland competes for the dream villa with 2.2 million euros  Displays

Anyone who wants to bargain their dream home should turn to Maxime Meiland. Martien Meiland’s daughter recently managed to buy her dream villa for less than the asking price. She and Leroy eventually paid more than two million euros to build a luxury building in Noordwijk.

Land registry data shows that Maxime (27) and Leroy (30) signed the purchase contract three weeks ago. villa From 1927, with a living area of ​​327 sqm and an asking price of €2,295,000. They acquired a plot of 1,760 square meters for 2,175,000 euros: a discount of 120,000 euros. That money is now being put into new colors of paint, replacing the mud and yellow mania of the previous residents.

Maxime announced on Instagram two weeks ago that she could barely contain the purchase. She describes the six-bedroom, four-bathroom villa as her dream home. “Girls with their feet on the grass…in front of the fireplace in the winter, just like the good old days. I never imagined I/we would make it this far. So happy,” she wrote, along with a photo of the green front door.

Villa ‘De Meezen’ has everything Maxime, Leroy and his daughters Claire and Fifi could wish for. The garden includes a heated saltwater pool, shower and gazebo. The lawn is mowed by lawn robot and green is maintained by sprinkler system. They can park cars in a double garage.

Not a place to leave quickly, but with Meilandjes you never know. Soon, Maxim and Leroy found their semi-detached house in Noordwijk, which he bought in 2021, too small, after which they bought a villa for 1.2 million. It was put on the market after seven months. According to housing website Known Buren, they managed to sell the property for €1.3 million.

Maxime’s sister Montana also moves in. After separating from Dirk, I signed a contract for a single-family house in Noordwijk worth less than 7 tons last month. Martien and Erica, who moved into a country house on the border of Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout at the end of 2021, are now focusing on renovating Pension Rosé. The “fluff” of the building can be seen from Monday in a new season of Chateau Milland.

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