Sigrid Cage Responds to Criticism After Rejecting First Offer of Photos and Interviews

Sigrid Cage Responds to Criticism After Rejecting First Offer of Photos and Interviews

D66 leader Sigrid Kaj has been criticized for her demands during the Dutch National Ballet’s premiere. She didn’t want to be filmed or filmed and avoided interviews, which is somewhat of a part of premieres. Albert Verlinde’s reaction to Kaag’s behavior was surprising. Yesterday the politician clarified her work.

on broadcast Show news Kag’s request was discussed on Sunday evening. The leader of the D66 was present at the premiere of the ballet performance Raymonda, which invited many famous Dutch. The Netherlands National Ballet is currently organizing major premieres for celebrities in order to raise awareness about ballet.

Sigrid Kaj rejected photos and interviews at the Dutch National Ballet

Show newsLt. Col. Albert Verlinde considered the call in advance to ensure that no one wanted to be photographed, photographed, or interviewed by the politician. Because according to Verlinde, the D66 would have a hard time showing up in these kinds of events while The war is going on in Ukraine† Talk to Verlinde Show news Expresses his astonishment. “Then don’t go, go through the back door, buy a ticket or make a statement,” he said.

to me Show newsDiscussion-office arose. Verlind described it as “a strange Dutch attitude”. He explained that Prime Minister Mark Rutte always pays for his ticket. “He never goes to any show for free.”

Political reaction to the premiere after Albert Verlind’s criticism

In yesterday’s broadcast, Verlinde returned to this topic again. Kaag responded to her visit to perform the ballet. Because, according to the response, the politician bought her ticket herself. “I am a true fan of the Dutch National Ballet. I know people who work there and want to be there. This is to put a heart for them in this first performance. And just because I love it. I had a great evening and I can recommend it to everyone,” said the politician.

Sunday evening episode of Shownieuws find you here† Broadcast last night find you here

Less and less space for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands

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Sigrid Kaj hit back at criticism after she refused to take photos and interviews at the Dutch National Ballet’s premiere.

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