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Noctua introduced the NH-D12L, a pneumatic CPU cooler that can be equipped with one or more 120mm fans with a height of 145mm. Other brand 120mm air coolers have a height of 158mm. coolant comes with round frameA copy of the NF-A12x25 fan.

says the manufacturer That it is not a normal low-pressure 120mm air cooler, as this may cause problems with, for example, the heat sink on the motherboards. That’s why Noctua has a file double tower-Design and A round frameA copy of NF-A12x25. This new fan can be positioned lower between the radiators, making the entire cooler lower than other Noctua 120mm CPU coolers.

This low profile cooler is useful in certain enclosures where fans are up to 150 or 145 mm in height, such as the SFF-Mini-ITX and some server enclosures. Noctua claims that the coolant performs better than 92mm air coolers and also better than 120mm air coolers from Noctua itself. According to Noctua, the NH-D12L cools better than the NH-U12S and often comes close to Noctua’s 120mm upper model: the NH-U12A.

The design of the air cooler is asymmetric, so it doesn’t hang over the memory slots of LGA1700, 1200, and 155x motherboards, or AMD’s AM4 and AM5. As a result, according to Noctua, these slots are always accessible and the radiator does not limit the consumption of memory with high heat spreaders or RGB lighting.

The NH-D12L from Noctua comes standard with the NF-A12x25r PWM fan: the round frame version of the NF-A12x25. This fan is also available separately and the cooler comes with an extra pair of clips. So buyers can attach an additional fan in the front or back. Noctua notes that this fan will “typically” hang above the memory or I/O board, “making the overall height over 145mm.” Both products are available from today. The NH-D12L costs €90; The cost of the NF-A12x25r PWM is 30 euros.

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