June 6, 2023

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Eagles News: Philadelphia gets an A+ for trading with the Saints

Eagles News: Philadelphia gets an A+ for trading with the Saints

Let’s get to Philadelphia Eagles links…

Free NFL Agency: Scores for every signing and big deal in 2022, plus draft predictions for every move – ESPN+
Saints grade: B… Eagles grade: A+. The Eagles, who entered the day with three first-round picks in this draft, are always seen as the team most likely to trade in the first-round pick. They went through last season’s playoffs, and their lack of immediate needs as well as turnover value in the top pick meant other teams were calling. With the move they remain in a good position to craft the potential for impact now but also have two from the first round of 2023 if they want to tackle the center back position. In picks 15 and 18 overall, Philadelphia will be able to handle wide receivers (Garett Wilson, Chris Olaf), defensive end (Jermaine Johnson second) or linebackers (Devin Lloyd, Nakobi Dean) with top-tier prospects. Perhaps most importantly, the squad is filled with two rounds of Round One in 2023 and two Round Two in 2024 if Galen Hurts doesn’t establish himself as a long-term quarterback. The Eagles now have the capital to go after a prospect like Bryce Young (Alabama) or C.J. Stroud (Ohio State) Next year – if you struggle to struggle.

The Eagles trade Saints’s 2023 first-round pick and more while switching some picks this year – BGN
It has long been argued in the field that the Eagles need to replace one of their 2022 first-round picks for a pick in 2023. With this year’s draft class not necessarily holding much promise in the middle, the Eagles may now have a better pass New next year. It’s not necessary if Jalen Hurts thrives…but the Eagles are clearly preparing for the possibility (read: possibility) that it fails to erase all doubt as a long-term starter under center. Despite all his faults, Rosman is very good when it comes to maneuvering. This trade is another example of him showing off his strengths. The Eagles (and their fans) will be delighted against the Saints for the next two seasons with the hope that these picks are as favorable as possible.

Philadelphia Eagles Big Trade Project sets Galen Hurts around the clock – ESPN
This last sentence seems to cancel out the previous one, or at least modify the idea to stick with Jalen…for now. Lowry went on to talk about the idea of ​​an “auto-franchise midfielder” and how this player is “almost non-existent”. It was strange to hear him speak of the franchise quarterback as almost legendary after spending so much time and energy on one hunt over the past two decades. The search continued in recent months, as the Eagles took a serious look at Deshaun Watson and did their homework on Russell Wilson. Lowry will only acknowledge that they do their due diligence on every player that becomes available. But it was more than that.

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Eagles GM Howie Roseman outperforms peers by trading draft picks – MAQB
This is not the year we are looking for a midfielder. Next year, Ohio’s CJ Stroud and Bama’s Bryce Young loom, and there are guys like Tyler Van Dyke of Miami who have shown promise that they can grow to fine heights. Very high selections in the coming year, whether you are looking for a midfielder at the time or not, should be more valuable. To me, I think that means the Eagles will still be with Jalen Hurts in 2022 (although I’ve heard them hook up with Malik Willis in the past couple of weeks) and see how Hurts progresses. If he doesn’t show them something, they get aggressive with those choices to get either a Veteran (and who knows who’s available next) or a Novice. If it looks cool, well, you have ammo to put more around it.

The clock is ticking on Jalen Hurts after the Eagles trade to 2023 – Inquirer
While the adage “see what they do, not what they say” is a safe saying to watch out for regarding the Eagles, when it comes to quarterbacks, their words can often predict their actions, or at least reveal their motives,” the owner said. Jeffrey Lowery last week when asked about the Eagles’ commitment to quarterback Galen Hurts, which is why we’re committed to Galen at 23. “Who knows what the future holds, right? That’s where you go.” Translation: Hurts gets the 2022 season and then all bets are off.

Howie Goes Howie – Eagle Blitz
This year’s Team Saints are going to be a lot of fun. They will be missing out on a great coach in Sean Payton, their star LT, and a pair of good safety. That’s a lot of talent, but he’s also veteran leaders. Saints can really struggle. If so, a 2023 first-round pick could look great. The Saints could also play and play better than expected if Dennis Allen proves to be a good coach, James Winston plays well and Michael Thomas stays healthy. Perhaps the selection will end in the 20-30 range. Howie was smart to seize the opportunity. If the Saints struggle and that’s a big choice, the Eagles will have a chance to earn one of the star QBs next April. That would be huge if Jalen Hurts’ streaks were flat this year. If Hurts turns out to be a high-level starter, the Eagles can add a key player in another position. Smart risk.

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The Saints are said to approve a massive business venture ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft – Canal Street Records
Here’s the easy way to think about it: New Orleans Saints He traded in the 2022 third-round pick (of which they had two) and the 2024 second-round pick to shift next year’s first-round pick to this year’s first-round pick. Saints went from having 3 picks in the top 100 to making 4 picks in the top 100, including 2 picks in the top 20. Talented in this year’s draft to make the move now, not knowing how the board falls on draft day. The move also indicates that the front office believes the 2022 New Orleans Saints will be a contender and they think, at least for now, that their first-round pick next year will be low.

Cowboys free agency rumors for 2022: Dallas was interested in trading now – Patriots WR DeVante Parker – Blogging The Boys
Having replaced Amary Cooper, the Cowboys now clearly need a wide receiver. Many believe the 2022 NFL Draft is where they will eventually find an answer, but free trade and agency still exist as options. The Cowboys added a receiver in free agency by signing with James Washington. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, they were also involved in DeVante Parker’s discussions with dolphins before New England win.

Washington’s injury numbers were miserable again in 2021 – Hughes Haven
With the signing of a new coach on the horizon, and the Washington team’s roster continuing to advance – last year they were 13th largest in the league – with losing players like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Scherff, they are expected to be able to crawl out of the league basement due to injury, but Only time will tell if they can finally shake off the shameful distinction of “the most injured team in the NFL”.

Giants ‘don’t want’ to pick the top 10 picks – Peter King – Big Blue View
Just a “wild guess” on my part, but I can tell that King’s Wild guess has some information behind it. The giants probably make both choices in numbers 5 and 7, and they probably don’t. Trading in one of the additional options for additional capital, particularly including the 2023 first round pick, makes too much sense for the Giants to believe it’s something General Manager Joe Shuen will consider.

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2022 NFL Draft: Six first-round deals that would make sense – NFL.com
Seahawks Receiving: No. 5 overall pick (round 1). The Giants get: 9th overall (first round), 72nd overall (third round), 145th overall (fifth round, from DET via DEN). If the Seahawks aren’t interested in getting a disgruntled and homeless Cleveland Baker Mayfield to replace departing Russell Wilson, they should come up with one of the best quarterbacks in this draft. Malik Willis (who prides himself on his game-making ability), Matt Coral (who has a very fast version) or Kenny Beckett or Desmond Ryder (both consistently performing) should be on their radar. Seattle could go into the top three to pick one of these players, given the previous tendency shown by General Manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll to trade future assets to acquire a valuable player; Just two years ago, the team introduced a package to former Jets safety Jamal Adams that included several first rounds, including the original Seahawks’ selection for this year’s first round. However, I would conservatively expect that they would instead give up two mid-to-last-round picks (plus the ninth overall pick, which was secured from Denver via Wilson Trade) to jump ahead of two other teams looking for young passers-by: Carolina (who owns the overall pick sixth) and Atlanta (eighth). These two franchises are also aware of this possibility, so don’t be surprised if one of them jumps into the top three to prevent a jump.

Monday Football Monday #82: Things We Forgot Happened This Year in the NFL – The SB Nation NFL Show
Speaking of the power of the news cycle, Pete Sweeney and RJ Ochoa reflect on some of the things we’ve forgotten that have happened on and off the field in the past year.

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