Intel Core i9 12900KS Review

Intel Core i9 12900KS Review


Intel Core i9 12900KS is a true “halo” product. By increasing clock speeds even further, Intel has been able to squeeze a little more performance out of its top model. That little percentage may soon make a difference in the battle with AMD’s 3D V-Cache processor, but it’s not consumer-related. Moreover, the extra price you pay, both in energy consumption and in euros, is unreasonably high.

The crown of gaming performance, that’s a thing in the world of desktop processors. After the release of Intel Alder Lake processors Late last year, the Core i9 12900K was again the fastest in our tests, but AMD releases later this month. Ryzen 7 5800X3D You should take a big step forward in gaming. Intel doesn’t wait for that and now comes with the Core i9 12900KS, its absolute new top model.

Where AMD will take a shot at this crown of gaming performance by adding an additional L3 cache with an innovative production technology, Intel relies on a long-proven method for boosting processor performance: increasing clock frequencies. Compared to the current Core i9 12900K, single-core and single-core boosts were increased by 300MHz, bringing the latter up to a standard 5.5GHz. Never before has a wizard scored so high outside the box.

You might think that this also affects power consumption, but this is only partially the case. Just a reminder for those who don’t engage daily with Intel processors: with the 12th generation, Intel called the classic pl1 and pl2 power limits for overclockable models. Forms terminated with K/KF are now allowed unlimited “maximum turbo power” boosts, as the former pl2 limit is now called. However, with 241 watts, it remained identical to that of the 12900K model. The “core power of the processor” has been increased from 125 to 150 W, but there are practically no consequences.

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Core i9 12900 K Core i9 12900KS
nuclei 8P + 8E 8P + 8E
threads 24 24
clock core speed Base: 3.2GHz
Boost All Cores: 4.9GHz
Single core boost: 5.2GHz
Base: 3.4GHz
Boost All Cores: 5.2GHz
Single core boost: 5.5GHz
The speed of electronic cores around the clock Base: 2.4GHz
Single core boost: 3.9GHz
Base: 2.5GHz
Single core boost: 4.0GHz
L2 . cache 14 megabytes 14 megabytes
L3 cache 30 megabytes 30 megabytes
GPU UHD 770 UHD 770
BBmtp 125 W / 241 W 150 W / 241 W
Recommended Retail Price 615 euros (currently: €589 815 euros (currently: €849

In addition to clock speeds and pbp Another feature changed from the 12900K is the suggested retail price of the Core i9 12900KS. This comes to €815, which is €200 more than what it should have made 12,900 thousand. The price of this CPU has also decreased since its release and is now on Pricewatch for €589. This makes the mutual price difference more significant.

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