Brussels announces a fifth package of sanctions against Russia: “banning the import of spirits” | the interior

Brussels announces a fifth package of sanctions against Russia: "banning the import of spirits" |  the interior

Moreover, the commission wants to impose a complete ban on transactions for four Russian banks, including VTB, the second largest. In addition, there will be an export ban for quantum computers and semiconductors, among other things. In order to hit the oligarchy hard, wood, cement, seafood and spirits, among others, will no longer be welcome in the European Union.

The ban on Russian ships’ access to ports in Europe was accompanied by some exceptions. Agricultural and food products, humanitarian goods and energy may continue to be supplied. In order to avoid shortcuts on the ground, the commission proposes banning Russian and Belarusian road carriers.

Brussels also wants the European Union to ban Russian companies from participating in public tenders. Also, all European or national subsidies flowing into Russian government agencies must be stopped. “European taxpayers’ money should not go to Russia in any way,” von der Leyen says firmly.


EU leader von der Leyen says an oil embargo is still under consideration. There is division among EU member states over such a boycott. The entire Qatari bloc must agree to adopt sanctions.

Pictures in Bucha panicked in the West for days. “These atrocities cannot and will not go unanswered,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said announcing the new sanctions. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes must not go unpunished.”

EU finance ministers have already discussed the fifth sanctions package at a meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday. All member states are expected to agree to the new measures later this week.

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