Brown Jackson approached the U.S. Supreme Court

Brown Jackson approached the U.S. Supreme Court

Kotanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman to be nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, is one step closer to being appointed. On Monday, the 22-member Senate Judiciary Committee voted to submit its appointment to the full Senate.

Eleven Democrats in the group voted in favor and eleven Republicans voted against. If there is a tie in the committee, all 100 senators will have to vote on whether to vote for Brown Jackson’s nominee. With 53 votes in favor and 47 against, the nomination continued. Senate President Chuck Schumer of the Democratic Party has said he plans to vote for all 100 senators by the end of the week. With 53 votes in favor, it is expected to run again with 50 Democrats and three Republicans.

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The composition has not changed

It will confirm the appointment of Brown Jackson and he will replace Liberal Judge Stephen Fryer. So the structure of the Supreme Court will be the same as it is now: six conservative judges against three progressive judges.

Jackson is currently working on the Court of Appeals, which is slightly below the Supreme Court. Previously, he was a lawyer for those who could not afford a lawyer.

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