Joan Franca was deeply moved by the responses to Better Than Ever.

Joan Franca was deeply moved by the responses to Better Than Ever.

On her Instagram stories, Joan thanks all viewers for the kind words she received after her broadcast The best I can be And she has received. “Thank you so much for all your lovely messages. I’m really in shock. Thank you so much. Thank you so much,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Joanne joins after her engagement The Voice of the Netherlands Participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, in collaboration with the team the sound. However, her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is not easy. “What hurts me is that my boss said to me, ‘Hey Joanne, look at yourself. You really don’t look good. You really need to lose weight. Because look at your side. Don’t you want to be like this?'” She looks back.

She explains that she develops an eating disorder because of this. In addition, her team also ensures that she feels very lonely while participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her family is not allowed to go. “I begged, like, can my mom come with me? But I was allowed to bring a hairdresser and another person to do my hair and another person to do my makeup, even a nail technician if I wanted.”

On Instagram, Joanne is inundated with cute messages from viewers. For example, someone writes: “Seriously, if you want to be moved by a story that moves from grief, despair, and pain to fighting spirit, strength, hope, and freedom, watch Joan Franca’s performance.” Another viewer finds it “touching and wonderful” to see Franca “take back her space on stage” after her hellish experience.

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