Minister Werwind: Courtroom at EBI Vught 2024

Minister Werwind: Courtroom at EBI Vught 2024

The courthouse to be built at EBI in Vught will be completed in 2024, Minister Frank Wierwind (Legal Protection) said. So the minister tells the Het Crime Office on NPO Radio 1.

“You want maximum security courtrooms in the prison itself as quickly as possible, so that detainees can be tried or heard directly there,” Werwind says.

Wanting a courtroom appearance at Vught’s EBI is great. Transferring detainees to other courts is very risky. This transfer can be prevented by the courtroom of the Egyptian Banking Institute itself. “It can’t be soon enough. There is tremendous pressure to do it faster.”

For example, a maximum security courtroom in Lelystad is also being considered. “I think Vught will be much closer, especially in 2024.”

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Written by: Vic Tenwald

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