Rutte does not want to respond to criticism in an ‘impressive speech’ on May 4

Rutte does not want to respond to criticism in an 'impressive speech' on May 4

Last night, during his May 4 lecture, Goedkoop criticized the “nice business climate for this aggressor’s money,” which he later called “thieves’ money.”

He also states that the ministry supports the sanctions, but “at the same time only moderately succeeds in implementing them”:

“Impressively beautiful words”

During the Liberation Festival in Brabant, where Ruti lit the bonfire of liberation, the Prime Minister when asked about the speech said: “I won’t say anything about it now. I thought he gave a very nice speech, an impressive beautiful speech, even, but I won’t comment politically now.” He noted that Rutte and Guidkop sometimes talk to each other.

Goedkoop said last night on the TV show BEAU on RTL 4 that he spoke with Rutte after the lecture and that he thought he had “misunderstood things”. “Then I say, ‘Okay, we’ll wait for the parliamentary inquiry,'” Guedkoop said. Watch the broadcast part here:

Ruti has no answer.

According to him, although the Council of Ministers discussed the imposition of severe penalties, not enough has happened in practice. “We’re very firm: sanctions! But while the minister is called into the room about how these sanctions are actually being implemented, he simply doesn’t have an answer,” said the BEAU presenter.

Cheap also talked about the oligarchs’ money. “Since these guys came, no one thought these people honestly made their money. Yet the rug was rolled out for these people’s money. You can think of that, right?” to the financial interests of rich Russians in regions such as the Zuids region.

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, European Union countries have frozen billions of euros in Russian assets, including those of the country’s central bank and wealthy Russians. At the end of March, the lower house of the Netherlands was disturbed by the frequency with which this was happening here. This would give the oligarchs time to steal their assets and their assets. To enhance the implementation of punitive measures, former Minister Steve Block has been appointed Sanctions Coordinator. At the end of April, more than 623 million Russian assets were frozen in the Netherlands, according to Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra.

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