An intruder dressed as a priest sleeps with Queen Elizabeth

An intruder dressed as a priest sleeps with Queen Elizabeth

It all happened when the Queen celebrated her birthday at the Sandringham Estate in April. The intruder entered the palace by saying that he was known to one of the guards. He was allowed to enter without an ID and stood hundreds of meters away from the Queen’s apartment.

The intruder did not go unnoticed. He took the lead in discussions at the table with the officers. He said he served in Iraq. He also said that as a test pilot he was fired from an ejection seat and had to remove several organs as a result.

Police were called the next morning and the intruder was driven out of the palace a few hours before Queen Elizabeth could return home. It was not clear who called the police. It is very disturbing that at this moment it is revealed that security is leaking like a basket: next month the Queen will celebrate her 70-year accession to the throne.

According to the Daily Mail, the fake pastor had previously entered a cafe where he wanted to get a free dinner by saying he was friends with Prince Harry and his lover, Meghan Markle. The innkeeper couldn’t believe it and immediately sent him away. If only the guards in the palace behaved properly…

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