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Musk did not provide more information, though earlier on Tuesday he asked Twitter users if they wanted to see the edit button. Agrawal replied that the consequences of this poll would be “significant” and that users should vote with caution.

Nice guy says. He buys and then goes to work through the media! A special detail is that the “media” in this case is the company in question, but that doesn’t really change anything.

Now if you’re thinking “Isn’t it a good idea to ask users what they want?” Then I must disappoint you. This is not what this is. Of course everyone will say they want this feature because everyone always wants more features. They know it on Twitter, too. It’s not a technical limitation but a conscious choice not to, whatever the exact reason may be.

So Musk wants to go against a decision the company made earlier. However, with 9.2% of the shares, he can only finish his sentence. So it appears that he chooses to pit Twitter users against other directors. They even find it necessary to warn the public. Happy relationship.

As a co-owner and a member of the board of directors, he is of course allowed to have an opinion and influence on the company. Every company in the world has structures for this and they don’t really work through the media. It does not allow user surveys because the driver places a non-verifiable yes/no survey online.
The only reason he did it this way is because Musk didn’t get his way right away and is now trying to make his way differently against the wishes of his fellow drivers/owners. An outright clumsy way of doing things.

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