Breaking the American wall in the Pro League is hard for hockey players

Breaking the American wall in the Pro League is hard for hockey players

The Netherlands beat the United States 3-0 in the Pro League. At Wagener Stadium, the Orange team signed with the sunset behind them for a solid victory in the tournament.

The match was less than a minute and a half when the Dutch hockey players already had a series of three penalty corners. Despite that, the lead was not signed.

The first comer came to the post and Marcot van Kefen appeared 1-0 on the rebound in the second penalty corner, but it was rejected after a long consultation by the video referee because there was a very quick break from the circle. Penalty Corner Number Three, Yippy Johnson was allowed to put in, and he pulled the ball wide.


Orange faced the United States with a fierce opponent at Wagner Stadium, which caused chaos in the first quarter of the game. Penalty corners and chances were enough for Orange, but the opening goal failed to materialize.

Some encouraging words from national coach Jamilon Mulders after a somewhat sluggish start to the Pro League competition confirmed that Freak Moss had signed 1-0 at the start of the second quarter. He passed American goalkeeper Kelsey Ping with his back hand.

After a long time, the Netherlands got another penalty corner in which the seventh game so far nothing had gone right and Johnson was back in the lead in sleep. Fiona Morgenstern responded well enough on the rebound so she scored her first goal in her second international (2-0).

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