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VideoCardz has published an AMD Navi 24-gpu demo. It is rumored to have been produced on the TSMC N6 and used in the alleged Radeon RX 6500 XT. Personification emphasizes, among other things, the amount of arithmetic units.

Navi 24. Photo Via VideoCardz

VideoCardz received the offer From Disclosuzen, a source that often shares information about unannounced AMD hardware with this site. The incarnation confirms, among other things, that Navi 24-gpu has half the number units of account from Navi 23. This brings the number of cu’s to 16 for a total of 1024 stream processors. From die size The Navi 24 has an estimated area of ​​141 mm², which is about 40 percent smaller than the Navi 23. Moreover, according to VideoCardz, the GPU will receive 16 MB of Infinity Cache and a 64-bit memory bus.

According to previous rumors, the Navi 24 will be produced on the N6, TSMC’s 6nm process. Current AMD RDNA2 GPUs are manufactured at 7nm. N6 is an improved version of TSMC’s 7 nm process, which, among other things, uses euv and provides an 18 percent higher density. The Taiwanese chipmaker announced the N6 in 2019, then stated that 7nm chip designs could easily be ported to its 6nm node. AMD itself has not yet confirmed whether it will produce specific chips on the TSMC N6.

AMD is expected to announce its first products with the Navi 24-gpu on January 4. The company will hold a presentation on that date as part of CES. The chip is supposed to be used in the Radeon RX 6500 XT and RX 6400, which have been rumored for some time.

Navi 24 along with the rest of the RDNA2 GPUs in the Navi 20 series. Photo Via VideoCardz
AMD RDNA2-gpu’s (Via VideoCardz)
GPU Navi 21 Navi 22 Navi 23 Navi 24
Processing 7nm 7nm 7nm 6nm
Unit Calculation the above. 80 the above. 40 the above. 32 the above. 16
stream processors the above. 5120 the above. 2560 the above. 2048 the above. 1024
die shape 536 mm² 336mm² 236 mm² ~141 mm²
memory the above. 16 GB (GDDR6) the above. 12 GB (GDDR6) the above. 8 GB (GDDR6) the above. 4 GB (GDDR6)
Memory bus 256 bit 192 bit 128 bit 64 bit (?)
infinity cache 128 MB 96 MB 64 MB 16 MB
video cards RX 6900 XT
RX 6800 XT
RX 6800
RX 6700 XT RX 6600 XT
RX 6600
RX 6500 XT
RX 6400

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