After a rare losing season, Pete Carroll says the Seattle Seahawks need retooling, not ‘restarting this whole thing’

After a rare losing season, Pete Carroll says the Seattle Seahawks need retooling, not 'restarting this whole thing'

SEATTLE — As the Seattle Seahawks wrap up their worst season in more than a decade, coach Pete Carroll doesn’t think a “reboot” is in order.

“It’s not for one reason at all that we have to restart this whole thing and create a new philosophy and a new approach and all of that,” he told 710 ESPN Seattle on Monday. “I don’t think so. I think we have the core of the things we need. We have to build on it, we have to support it better and we have to keep growing and moving forward. Nobody stands still, but there is a basis for doing things.”

Carroll volunteered this idea when he asked a general question on his weekly radio show about the team’s future. The day before, he had sidestepped a question about a potential rebuild, saying after the Seahawks fell to 5-10 with a 25-24 home loss to the Chicago Bears, his focus was on him this week.

This officially eliminated them from the feud in the final match and locked them up for last place in the NFC West. It’s only the third time in 12 seasons under Carroll and general manager John Schneider that the Seahawks have not made the playoffs, and according to ESPN stats and information, it’s the first time they’ve finished bottom in the division since 1996, when they were playing in the West Asia.

The Seahawks have already confirmed their first losing season since 2011. Their 10 losses were their biggest since losing 5-11 under Jim Mora in 2009. This reset their football operations with the 2010 signings of Carroll and Schneider, who overhauled the list. The most significant changes they’ve had since then came in 2018. In what was more of a retool than a rebuild, they’ve gone from or lost to some key members of their Super Bowl defenses, including Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett.

Carroll, who has the final say on personnel matters, said the Seahawks have been “very optimistic” about the level of talent they have this season. He pointed to their offensive line in particular, saying it was “good” and was “not at all” the problem. But he said the Seahawks “faced it” with how loaded the rest of the NFC West is. They went 2-3 in division matches.

Two Pro Bowl picks (back-back Bobby Wagner and free security Quander Diggs) are least in cleavage. Two Pro Bowl players from last year were injured, with the quarterback Russell Wilson Missing three matches with a broken finger may still affect him and his safety is strong Jamal Adams He suffered a rupture at the end of the season earlier this month.

The 49ers own five Pro Bowlers this year, while the Rams and Cardinals have four each.

“We love what we have, but you have to admire what the other teams have and acknowledge the fact that they have some great players there as well,” Carroll said of NFC West.

Carroll was asked if Jodi Allen, the de facto owner of the team since her brother Paul’s death in 2018, had accepted the idea that a restart was not necessary.

“We’ve been on the same page about everything that’s been going on since you took office,” Carroll said.

The 70-year-old Carroll is under contract through the 2025 season while Sneijder is under contract through the 2027 draft, each signing an extension for the past 14 months.

The Seahawks didn’t have a first-round pick in 2022 due to Adams’ trade and have six picks in all.

Among the major Seahawks set to become unrestricted free agents this season are the Diggs, a court-ending Gerald Everett And three of the five main offensive linemen in the left intervention Duane Brown, Center Ethan Bositch And the correct response Brandon Shell.

Wilson’s future also came into question after he expressed his frustrations in the latest season, which led to business talks between the Seahawks and the Bears. Wilson, who is on contract until 2023, has since said he wants to stay in Seattle. Wagner is signed until 2022 and will be out of the eighth consecutive Pro Bowl, but his fee is $20.35 million next season.

Wilson’s absence and uneven accuracy since his comeback are among the reasons the Seattle offensive ranks 20 points per game. Their defense is seventh best in points allowed.

Referring to the difficulty the Seahawks have had in identifying Wilson’s recent struggles, Carroll said he does not believe Shane Waldron’s coordinator system is the problem “at all” and noted that the quarterback does not feel he is still injured.

“But the results are a little different, the accuracy, maybe there’s a couple playing a match, and I think there’s a factor there, that we have to deal with that we don’t really have as ‘we don’t have the control as we wish we did,'” Carroll said.

Carroll was asked on 710 ESPN Seattle if he was confident about the team’s future.

“Yes, we have to keep building,” he said. “We have to improve and keep bringing in players who can help us make the difference. We have to recover again and we will see how it goes. The midfielder has to deal with Ross with what he has to deal with – which most players couldn’t handle the way he did. “We have to see how he bounces back. He’s definitely going to be great again. He’s going to be a great player. I don’t feel like that showing up now, but I think that’s what’s going to happen because he has what he can do.”

“So we’re building around these factors and all the positives we can generate. We have contracts, we’ve got a lot of free agents. We’ll find out later but there are a lot of questions and things to be done.” [get] through and find out. It is not the right time. It is not the time to evaluate all of that. But there is a lot to look at and there are a lot of positives and a lot of positives.”

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