OnLeaks: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE gets a suggested retail price of 759 euros – Tablets and phones – News

Yes, I had an S8 which was available at a very reasonable price after a year on the market (I paid €400 for it myself in 2017)

When support stopped this year, I was very disappointed with the S21 as well as its price and went for the OnePlus 8. I was very disappointed because shortly after the OPPO acquisition was announced. We’re getting ColorOS now and that’s too bad.

So far I am strongly considering switching phones early. But Samsung isn’t really that interesting anymore. The good jobs have been removed, the material has become plastic, and the camera island is quite thick, but the price has gone up significantly and hasn’t gone down as much after a few months as before. Unfortunately, the price / quality ratio is quite off.

However, I’ve always used DeX a lot and this is an argument against Series A unfortunately. I have 3 berths left. I thought I wouldn’t lose it much with OnePlus and could continue with the “dev” desktop option built in, but that was a disappointment. In particular, the screen always remains on oneplus. I also think it’s too big, I thought I’d get used to it, but I still think it’s too big.

But if I didn’t want DeX, I would actually choose Series A.

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