Flemming spent the night of his life in Streamers, “Phone Bloated!”

Foto: Instagram @flemmingmusic

He has barely recovered from Sunday evening, when Fleming Figures from Den Bosch was on stage with The Streamers in the Efteling. Live show for millions of viewers with the greatest artists in the Netherlands. “I still can’t believe this happened.”

It was a great evening, Fleming remembers his performance with The Streamers the next day. “I really enjoyed it, it ended so quickly. I still can’t believe it happened.”

Flemming is currently recording great success with “Amsterdam” as the Brabanter. He performed the song on Sunday evening among artists such as Guus Meeuwis, Thomas Acda, Paul de Munnik, Diggy Dex, Nick (from Simon), Suzan, Freek and Danny Vera. All under the inspiring leadership of “Director” Frank Lammers.

What made the performance special for him wasn’t just the beautiful setting of Winter Efteling or the fact that it was Boxing Day. “To be asked as a junior artist to be on stage with these great Dutch artists is really a dream.”

But he was certainly not inferior to his teammates who already had a longer record. Reactions to his performance were unanimously positive. “It makes me proud that my role on the show was so good,” Fleming says. “I’m glad I was able to contribute something beautiful to The Streamers.”

Lots of people have told him this personally. “My phone just exploded! Tonight I’m going to be reviewing everything on the couch. But I was happy with the many positive feedback.” Then he shares again. “If they ask me again, I will have my answer ready at once!” He laughs.

In the meantime, he continues to build his career. Which for him as Brabanter wouldn’t stay with a song about Amsterdam. “The thing is: Amsterdam is out and that’s going well. But you don’t have a musical career in one song.” New work on the way. “The second single is coming out soon. I wrote a lot and finished a lot of songs. So I hope people will like it as much.”

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