Rumor: Nintendo 64 games may be coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Rumor: Nintendo 64 games may be coming to Nintendo Switch Online

That’s what insider Nate Drake claims in a new episode of his podcast. “One of the platforms coming to Nintendo Switch Online in the future is the Nintendo 64. This comes with a higher subscription price – a premium version of Nintendo Switch Online.”

There may be more information indicating the arrival of the Nintendo Channel 64 on the Switch. Because there is a file patent I found a new Switch game console. Although there is no additional information on what the console entails – other than that it can be connected via USB-C – it may point to a replica of the N64 console, although this is still speculation at the moment.

Right now, there’s only one price range for a Nintendo Switch subscription. In addition to the various offers and cloud saves, subscribers can also download the NES and SNES app on their Switch to play many of the old games that appeared on these consoles.

According to previous rumors, Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will also be added to the lineup soon, but Nate believes Nintendo 64 games are coming as well, although he says people will have to pay more for it.

Nintendo has not yet announced anything about it.

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