“Patrick Dempsey gave his castmates on Grey’s Anatomy PTSD” | stars

“Patrick Dempsey gave his castmates on Grey’s Anatomy PTSD” |  stars

The interview was done for the book entertainment weeklyReporter Lynette Rice and crew members cast instinct anatomy. They say Dempsey was very popular on the set in the early years of the series, but that changed in season 10.

Posted by The Hollywood Reporter Turns out, former producer James DePariot says in the book, “There were HR issues. Nothing sexual, but he kind of intimidated the group. As a result, some of the cast members developed forms of PTSD. He had the power in the group, And he knew he could stop production and scare people. I think he just finished the show.”


Dempsey himself is also mentioned in the book. The actor says the work schedule broke him, but he stayed with him for a long time instinct anatomy Left for money. “It was hard to say no to such sums. It’s great to be working as an actor, on such a famous show, which is watched all over the world and where you play a character so likable. That was too much to deal with, to give up on, because you never know Whether you will get another job and whether you will succeed again.”

Dempsey eventually left the series in 2015. Last season, he returned as Derek Shepherd in the dream of his TV wife Meredith Gray (Eileen Pompeo).

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