April 1, 2023

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Red Sox announces several moves on the roster

Red Sox announces several moves on the roster

The Red Sox announced a bunch of roster moves ahead of their double appearance with the Orioles today, and As expectedright hand Josh Winkowski He was added to the list as the 27th man. Winckowski is set to make his major league debut when he starts the second game for the double-header. in other movements, Hansel Robles He was placed on the infected list for 15 days, and Hirokazu Sawamura Chosen on Triple-A Worcester, while using the right hand Ryan Brassier And the Philips Valdez It was called from Triple-A.

Robles is battling back spasms and hasn’t progressed since May 22 (his position in IL is retroactive to day 25). In an inconsistent season for the Red Sox Bullpen, Robles emerged as a closer candidate, scoring twice and scoring 2.65 ERAs over 17 rounds of action. However, the secondary metrics were unaffected by Robles’ action—his strike rate is just 16.2%, and Robles took advantage of the .188 BABIP.

Sawamura has a solid 3.60 ERA over 15 rounds this year, and his demotion will likely be less a reflection of his performance as much as restocking the bulls with some more recent arms. After showing off three of the past four days, Sawamura will likely take a short break in Triple-A before being called back to Boston in a few days. Brasier (6.28 ERA) and Valdes (6.10) have struggled at the big league level this year, and both will get another chance to turn things around as the Sox continue to look for reliability late in the games.

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