February 7, 2023

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YouTube releases chart with videos of the best-watched moments in the Netherlands – IT Pro – News

YouTube has provided the chart showing the most watched moments of a video in the Netherlands. A week ago, the company announced the feature, but without giving an indication of when it will be in what region.

It looks like the feature was introduced sometime on a Friday or Saturday. A test by Tweakers shows that the graph is there, apparently without platform dependence: it can be seen in the YouTube app for Android as well as in Firefox, Edge and Chrome for Windows 10. Tweaker David Lans also mentions graph access.

The graph shows the most watched moments in a video, based on the viewing behavior of users. The best viewing moment is also determined in Search in the video. The function will be especially useful in “finding the cake” for videos that don’t have sections or sections with bad chapters applied by uploaders. It also seems to give a nice indication of where the ad sectors are; There the graph shows a decrease.

The feature has been around for some time in YouTube, but it was exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers. At the time of the original announcement TechCrunch Books That there is also a file WalkThe feature was to be presented on YouTube. It’s also currently available from the Netherlands. At the same time, support for video classes will also be available for smart TVs and game consoles.

Photo: David Lance
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