PvdA leader Koyken does not want to join the ‘unreliable’ Rutte in government this time | Policy

PvdA leader Koyken does not want to join the 'unreliable' Rutte in government this time |  Policy

PvdA leader Atje Kuyken does not want to rule with Mark Rutte. She described the outgoing prime minister as “unreliable” and “excluded”. Kuiken did not say whether a future collaboration with VVD is also ruled out.

The politician first wants to focus on the referendum in which members talk about cooperation between PvdA and GroenLinks in the House of Representatives.

Party leaders Kuiken and Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) have already said they support the Joint List. The question now is whether members want it too. The two parties already form a joint group in the Senate. This was not possible at the European level.

In the previous formation, GroenLinks and PvdA only wanted to enter government jointly. Then they said they wanted to rule with Root. Quicken has now changed his mind. What GroenLinks leader Klaver now thinks about this is unknown. When asked, he did not want to comment on a possible collaboration with Rutte.

When asked on Thursday, BBB leader Caroline van der Plas said she still refused to take part in a government with Rutte as prime minister.

Because of the BBB’s major electoral gains in the county council, there is a possibility that the next cabinet will not be formed without the BBB.

Van der Plas would like to speak to the VVD if that party put forward another candidate for prime minister. She also finds that there is no problem for Rutte to be a cabinet minister, if the BBB itself provides for the prime minister. “The Minister of Education, for example. Then there is also a successor to Minister Dennis Wiersma.”

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