GTA The Trilogy review for Netflix: Buy, budget or scrap?

GTA The Trilogy review for Netflix: Buy, budget or scrap?

Over a year ago, GTA: The Trilogy was released for consoles. As a player, you can start with GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas gems. Three times pure single player action of high quality. Now, that quality, it was real when I talked about the past. But the adjustments were a drama. So much so that we wondered if it had been “recast” at all? Didn’t some employee quickly burn the old game to disc on Friday evening? This drama is now also playable if you have a Netflix subscription. do you want that? Or does the trilogy fall into place better here? Jasper and JJ discuss this in their GTA The Trilogy review on Netflix.

GTA The Trilogy review: The Games on Netflix

GTA: The Trilogy has three games. This relates to the first three GTA games produced in 3D. We’re talking about GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. The final version uses a new engine. Specifically, Unreal Engine 4. But let’s be honest, you can barely tell. The plain port looked old-fashioned and faded. There were quite a few bugs and the gameplay felt dated. Is it better now that you can also play the game on your mobile phone?

The first major game in American service

Netflix also has the ambition to compete with the big boys in the gaming space. The arrival of the GTA Trilogy to the service is the biggest step in this direction yet. Anyone with a Netflix subscription can now play all three games. On or via mobile phone. How does this work and is the result better on mobile? Could this version really be the “definitive edition”? You will find the answer to this question in this video.

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